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Growing up in Louisiana, crawfish has always been a staple for our family. We love to cook up big and bold flavors in the kitchen. The fiery spices, the herby aromas, and the rich, buttery textures that came together in the seasoning combined with our Asian heritage flavoring. For years, these specialties were cooked up at home and shared among friends and family.

Eventually, our passion for cooking grew, and we dreamed of sharing our cooking with the community. In 2019, our family took a leap of faith and opened a restaurant, a cozy and eclectic spot that was designed to make guests feel like they were stepping into the family's own kitchen in the heart of Santa Ana.

As the restaurant began to flourish and word spread about the mouthwatering flavors, our family was thrilled. But just a few short months later, the pandemic struck, and everything changed. With social distancing guidelines and lockdowns taking hold, the family business found itself in need of a different kind of survival.

Through it all, we remained committed to delivering the flavors and hospitality we have always loved. We pivoted to takeout and delivery services, but we longed to welcome guests back into their cozy dining room once again. With the support of loyal customers and a tireless effort to adapt and innovate, we have been able to stay afloat.

But now more than ever, our Cajun-style seafood restaurant is really to serve you. With your support through dine-in, delivery, or takeout, you'll not only be enjoying some of the most mouthwatering, comforting eats around, but you'll be supporting a dream and a family legacy that is deeply committed to delivering a taste of Louisiana, one boil at a time.


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 Since 2019

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