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1. How to order Build Your Own Combo? Min 2 lb of seafood and can add on addition lb per liking. All BYOC will be 

in the same bag and only 1 seasoning with option to bundle corn/potato/sausages at a saving price! 

2. What are our different seasonings?

  • Nola Boil: Our herbs and spices boi!! This seasoning preserves the fresh taste of our seafood without overwhelming your palate. Best to pair with Frozen/Fresh Crawfish, King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Legs & Lobsters! Enjoy the freshness with salt/pepper/lemon/ melted butter. Expect some kicking spices!

  • Garlicky: Intense garlic and butter seasoning. (Non-Spicy Only) ! It enlivens the taste buds of any garlic lover!

  • Cajun Trio: Thick & flavorful sauce that lives up to its name. Combination of the Louisiana, Garlic Butter and OUTTA THIS WORLD! Spicy level starts at Mild to Extreme Spicy! Imagine a world full of flavors. This is IT!

  • Creole: Think Cajun + Extra Herbals/Lighter on the Butter/Full of Savory Flavors/Slight Hint of Sweetness to finish... and you have yourself our CREOLE  flavor! Dare to try?

3. How spicy is our spice levels? We take our spices very seriously here. Cajun/Creole and Nola Boil all start with a kick of spices. We recommend getting one spice level lower than you would normally order.

4. Can the seafood be made without spice? Yes. Choose Plain-Boil and Garlicky for the lowest spice level you can handle! Disclaimer: All other seafood spice level ranges from Mild-Booty Burner will be dipped in Nola Boil. 

5. Can Cajun & Creole be mixed together? No, each seasoning has different bases. Feel free to order extra sauce on the side to enjoy both flavors.  

6. Can multiple seafood items be combined into one bag? Yes. Seafood with same seasoning can be placed in same bag. 

7.How much seafood comes in a LB? Each order is weighed raw without any sauce or adds-on. Exact quantity varies based on sizing and weight of the actual seafood

8. Can special requests be made? Unfortunately we are not able to take any special requests for orders. Any special requests typed into the special request box on your order will not be honored.

9. Food Allergies: All of our boil and fried items come into contact with allergens such as Pork, Eggs, Fish, Dairy, Shellfish, Soy, and Wheat. Our restaurant is not an allergen-free establishment and are not able to make any individual adjustment. It is not recommended that you order if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

10. Refund Policy: 

  • Call us within 5 minutes of placing your order if it needs to be canceled. Any orders exceeding 5 minutes will NOT be refunded.

  • For any food issues, contact us immediately. No refunds/discount will be offered if order has been entirely eaten.




1. HOW DO I BOOK A CRAWFISH BOIL FOR MY EVENT? To book a boil, you can email us at with your name and the date of your event, or fill out this form. When the details of the event have been established and a menu has been decided on we require a 50% deposit to reserve the date of your event. The remaining 50% is due on the event date upon arrival.


  • We do offer in-store pick-up for last-minute orders.

  • Generally require at least 3 days notice in order to get your seafood and provide the catering experience.

3 I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT SEAFOOD BOILS, WHO SHOULD I CONTACT? For any questions about seafood boils or our services, please send us an email to

​4. DO YOU ACCEPT CHECKS/CASH/CREDIT? We do accept cash or debit/credit. Once you have decided on a menu and a date, we will send you an invoice for 50% of your total event cost. We will hold your date upon receiving payment.

5. I LIVE OUTSIDE THE ORANGE COUNTY AREA, CAN I STILL BOOK YOU FOR A BOIL? If you live outside OC, we may still be able to bring our services to you, though a fee may be added depending on the distance. Send us an email with your name, date, and location of the event, and amount of people to be fed - we will get back to you promptly

6. HOW IS THE FOOD SET UP? WILL I NEED A TABLE/UTENSILS/PLATEWARE? We will bring paper food trays, napkins, utensils, etc. We provide butcher paper/utensils/condiments to serve your boil, but if you would like to use your own please let us know and we will work with you to make your event exactly as you envision it.

7. I WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE/CANCEL MY ORDER, HOW DO I DO SO? We accept changes to orders 3 days before your event date or earlier. If you wish to cancel your event 3 or more days before the date, we will credit your deposit to the next event you book with us.

8. DO YOU OFFER ADDITIONS TO YOUR BOILS?  If you would like to add additional food to your boil or would like some suggestions of things you could add, please email your request to

9. I HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS GLUTEN-FREE, WILL THEY BE LEFT OUT OF THE FUN? All of our boil & sauces are completely gluten free.

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